Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Giving Compliment

expression compliement is a expression that used somebody to give a praise to another person because somebody  that do good job, get accomplishment, etc.
sometimes, expression compliement also given when that somebody puts taste amazeds or respect to another person.this expression can give which are positive side for one who accept it if that somebody consider it as motivation. but  this expression can also make person be proud. because he has felted that self best. then, this expression can
 used by whom and to whom. both for young to the old man and or the old man to young.
In every culture, giving compliments is a common thing to do. However, the diferents in some ways from culture to culture .
          In Indonesia if we see one of our friends wearing a beautiful new dress, most of us tend to keep silent and say nothing g about the dress rather than expressing our admiration. English people, hovewer, tend to express it by giving compliments. 
e.g     :         -You  look pretty in your new dress.
                   -I like the color of  your new dress.
           It also difers in how we respond to compliments. For Indonesians, in many cases, it is common to see people refusing a compliment by saying, “Tidak! Baju ini sudah lama.” As a consequence when we speak in Englis we tend to respond the same way and say, “No! it’s an old dress. I bought it last year.”
Nevertheless, such a respone is not appropriate in Englis culture. Native speakers tend to accept a compliment, particularly if it is a sincere one, by saying thank you plus add one or two other statements supporting it.
e.g     : “Thank you. I like it very nuch. I particularly like its color  and style.”
Im responding to a compliment, most Indonesian speakers, tend to be quiet, do not give any comments, and tend to refuse the compliments with a few disagreeing statements.
western civilization inclined more get expression
and they responsive it with expression thank. other the things of with our culture. our culture is inclined more humiliates self  and less can get a praise.
praise actually of vital importance to motivating somebody, all at once to give appreciation on what he was doing. and that's
done by many western civilization. but if Indonesian people, majority from we are even consider praise a ridicule on what done. and so also with the praise giver. kebenya from them when does somebody do
 error, exactly given praise and on the contrary, when does somebody do job good, very difficult to give praise.and then, at the (time) of we give praise expression, we must use polite language and appropriate and don't deviate from his or her compliement. several praise expression examples:

·        good job
·        well done
·        you’ve done a great job
·        you did it very well
·        you’re doing just fine
·        you’re doing great

if you are a student and you get accomplishment or be clever student, you can use:

·        you are smart student
·        good accomplishment

And other praises :

·        what a lovely garden
·        delicious cake., etc.


One day roni want to invited his friend to come to his house. Because roni want make a cake and he want to eat it together with his friend.

Roni    : hello…
Tegar   : yes, who speaking please?
Roni    : iam roni gar!
Tegar   : owhh roni, what’s up ron?
Roni    : Like this, I want to invite you to come to my house. I will make a cake and I want if
              We eat up my cake together. And after it, I will call manto to come to my house too.
              Are you busy gar?
Tegar   : ok. Of course. By the way what of kind your cake?
Roni    : oh I can’t tell you now. I will give you surprise.
Tegar   : ok, what is the time?
Roni    : at 02.00 pm
Tegar   : ok.

After that roni call manto
Roni    : hi manto,,,
Manto  : yes,..
Roni    : manto, I want to invite you to come to my house. I will make a cake and I want if we eat
  Together, and I had call tegar to come too. Can you manto?
Manto  : ok, with the pleasure, I wait the moment
Roni    : ok, come to my house at 02.00 pm
Manto  : ok
And then, manto arrive in roni’s house and then tegar arrive too
Manto  :excuse me, any body home?
Roni    : yes, oh manto. I am happy you come to my house, ok come in please
Tegar   : excuse me ron,,,
Roni    : yes, come in please..
             Wow you use a cool jeans, you look so handsome,,!
Tegar   : owh thanks friend,,
             Hey manto what a nice your T-shirt. I like it
Manto  : I’m glad you like it
Roni    : ok friend. Come on to my kitchen

And then roni give cake to his friend and they eat together
Roni    : ok friend, here you are
Tegar   : wow what a delicious cake
Manto  : hohohohoooo, you’re really a good cook ron!
Roni    : nonono, I know you’re kidding friend it’s rather tasteless.
Iam still learning how to cook
             I think I must learn to cook again.
Manto  : let’s eat this cake again